Advocate for Children and Families

A child’s physical and mental health shapes his or her foundation for future growth and development. Poverty, hunger, and poor nutrition put children’s futures at risk. Community investment in children’s good physical, oral, and behavioral health has positive impact for Granite State families.

NH Hunger Solutions is working to help families connect to federal nutrition programs.

The Role of Advocacy

NH Hunger Solutions advocates in a variety of ways to ensure that New Hampshire residents are plugged into the grid so that everyone eligible for food and nutrition support can get it.  We work with partners at the local, state and federal levels to connect people to available resources and clear obstacles to health and well-being.


Develop Partnerships & Coalitions


Advocate for Legislative Policy changes

We advocate for policy change to increase participation in federal nutrition programs. 


“Children are our future and investing in them is the moral option that all civil society should embrace – NH Hunger Solutions understands that and is willing to take that thought and transform it into policy and practice.”
– Dr. Joanne Burke, UNH Sustainability Institute