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School Meals are Free This Year!!!

NH Hunger Solutions envisions a New Hampshire where no child experiences hunger. Imagine that our school meals program functions like a power grid, moving healthy food to kids in school. Right now, that grid is well-developed in some areas and patchy or even non-existent in others. There is ample evidence to show that when kids eat a school breakfast they miss fewer days of school, and have a variety of more positive academic, social and emotional health outcomes.

The USDA COVID-19 waivers are an opportunity for schools to ensure more children are plugged into the grid; these waivers allow school districts to select the Seamless Summer Option for their meal programs and offer one free breakfast and one free lunch to all students up to 12th grade, regardless of their incomes.

Go to your school district website using this map to see if they are participating.



Are School Meals Free at Your School?

Put your address in the search bar below to find out. Click on your school and if it says “Yes” your student will receive 1 free breakfast and 1free lunch each school day for this year.

Why is School Breakfast Important?

There is lots of evidence to support that when your child eats a school breakfast they will have better attendance, improved test scores, more stable moods, and can focus more in the classroom.

For more information on how school breakfast can help your child see the following documents that outline those benefits.

FRAC Breakfast for Learning

FRAC Breakfast for Health


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What do you think about school breakfast?

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