Advocate for Children and Families

A child’s physical and mental health shapes his or her foundation for future growth and development. Poverty, hunger, and poor nutrition put children’s futures at risk. Community investment in children’s good physical, oral, and behavioral health has positive impact for Granite State families.

Recently, NH Hunger Solutions intervened to help the Keene Public Library Summer Program continue providing daily meals to 20-30 food-insecure children while school was out for summer recess.

The Role of Advocacy

Advocacy means gaining public support for a particular cause or policy.  At NH Hunger Solutions, we do this in a variety of ways; such as partnering at the local and state levels to improve food security for children and families.  One way we do this is to get laws passed. A recent example was our instrumental role in getting House Bill SB82 signed into law by Governor Sununu in August 2019.  It expands access to free breakfasts for low-income students and will positively impact approximately 7,500 students.


Develop Partnerships & Coalitions


Advocate for Legislative Policy changes

Without charitable giving, organizations like ours would struggle to have impact. We also believe it is our duty to advocate for policy change so that support for vulnerable populations facing hunger is interwoven into the fabric of our communities. Ideally, in the future we help shape, no one will be in need of charitable giving. No one should have to choose between food and housing, food and school supplies, food and making investments for their future.


The Impact of What we Do

NH Hunger Solutions is happy to announce that we are the recipient of the statewide Hannaford Grocers School Pantry Initiative. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO.

  • Improved understanding of school breakfast challenges and barriers
    • In 2017 NH Hunger Solutions was funded by Albertson Foundation to exam differing breakfast models in an elementary school to better understand the challenges of implementation of breakfast. This report can be found in our Reports web section.
  • Evaluated very low summer meals program participation in Keene area
    • Funded by Share Our Strength, NH Hunger Solutions worked with Keene Housing, MUCH group, and Community Kitchen and evaluated the existing programs running summer meals programs in Keene. This report can be found in our Reports web section.
  • Executed an improved model of summer meals programs to low-income families
    • In the Keene area (2019), working with the hunger coalition MUCH and the Keene Community Kitchen, we implemented an improved program that fed not only children visiting the library, but also provided meals to adults with children.  This report has yet to be finalized, expectation date- November 2019.
  • Advocated for legislative improvements to the food insecurity of New Hampshire residents
    • In 2017-18 NH Hunger Solutions worked with a small group of statewide stakeholders to advocate against the passage of SB7, a bill that would have had decimating effects on families who were eligible for Food Stamps.
    • Recently, NH Hunger Solutions led the effort to pass SB82- a bill to improve breakfast access to eligible students.
    • We report that we are successful in both our legislative policy advocacy
  • Changed Policy work to improve the food access to our eligible and food insecure families
    • NH Hunger Solutions has joined forces with NH Food Alliance Network to ensure that voices for strong food access policies are in place statewide.
  • Provided educational forums with Sant Bani School and Parker Academy to help students
    • To better understand their Empty Bowl initiatives, NH Hunger Solutions made presentations to faculty parents and students which were interactive and action oriented.
  • Since 2017, NH Hunger Solutions has been a leader in continuing the NH School Breakfast Challenge.
    • With funding from Taste of the Nation and Share Our Strength, we have held a leadership role in identifying and rewarding schools that have met or exceeded Challenge goals. To date more than 5,000 dollars have gone directly to schools who have shown improvement. More information can be found under Breakfast Challenge.
  • Work to improve available hunger data in NH
    • Developed a series of legislative/ and correlating school data for legislators, advocates, and other interested parties to better understand their specific area of representation’s low income  families with school children. Look for upcoming Hunger Data Fact Sheets.
  • NH Hunger Solutions has worked with numerous organizations to assist them in revamping systems to better serve and improve the numbers of people served.
  • NH Hunger Solutions has been working with a local High School to help students better understand the terms and conditions of hunger through taking the Food Stamp Challenge.
  • More to come as this project finalizes events

“Children are our future and investing in them is the moral option that all civil society should embrace – NH Hunger Solutions understands that and is willing to take that thought and transform it into policy and practice.”
– Dr. Joanne Burke, UNH Sustainability Institute