What is the Challenge?


The NH  Hunger Solutions Coaltion, along with New England Dairy and Food Council, and the New Hampshire Department of Education (DOE) and are challenging all schools and school administrative units (SAUs) to increase their school's breakfast participation, starting in Fall 2017.

Why Breakfast?

There are hungry children in every school. In fact, there are more than 44,000 food  insecure children in New Hampshire. Children with hungry bodies and preoccupied minds cannot perform to their highest potential in the classroom. Regardless of the reason that children do not eat breakfast before reaching the classroom, children of all ages do better in school when they start the day with the strong foundation of a good breakfast.  

What are the Goals of the Challenge?

All schools will aim to raise breakfast participation by at least 25%. 

Who Can Help Me Meet this Challenge?

The New England Dairy & Food Council is offering grants to schools to help them increase their School Breakfast Program participation. 

What are the rewards?

The schools with the highest percantage increase in school breakfast challenge will win cash awards,