National Organizations Urge Congress to Support Bipartisan Compromise in Senate Farm Bill

“Bill should help families in need, farmers, and protect the environment”

A broad array of national organizations today called on every member from both chambers of Congress to support the bipartisan compromise achieved in the Senate farm bill. The groups urged the leadership of the House and Senate agriculture committees to make hungry families, family farmers and environmental protection the top priorities in the final farm bill.

“Our organizations urge Congress to pass a farm bill that helps put food on the table for families in need, supports all farmers, and protects the environment. The bipartisan Senate farm bill earned 86 votes, a historic level of support. Like the Senate bill, the final farm bill should strengthen anti-hunger, conservation, and local food programs, support the next generation of diverse farmers, tighten farm subsidy loopholes, and reject anti-environmental riders. To achieve these priorities, Congress must commit to finalizing a farm bill that reflects the bipartisan compromise achieved in the Senate farm bill.”

Here is a copy of the supporting Farm Bill and the NH supporting organizations, including NH Hunger Solutions. We anticipate a vote within the week.